Whether you are small business or corporate, we would love to help you get your name out there! Often times your potential clients need to be able to visualize all the moving pieces of your business in order for them to understand exactly what you do, so advertising videos are a very effective way to inform them of that. We start off by getting to know you and your business, what your goals are, and what type of message you want to convey to your target market. Once we determine all of this, we can give you a custom quote based on time and energy that will be invested into the project. When we agree to a deal, we immediately begin designing your custom video that will be tailored to your specific needs. Below we have several advertising videos in different industries that demonstrates the type of quality and clarity you can expect from us.

Title: THA Football Collection

Producer: Taylor Horton

Industry: High School Education

Business Name: Thomas Heyward Academy

Date: 09.22.16 - 11.19.16

Location: Ridgeland, SC

Description: High School Football Hype Video

Mission: Motivate Young Athletes/Recruiting

Title: Cornerstone Church Beach Baptisms

Producer: Taylor Horton

Industry: Church

Church Name: Cornerstone Church

Date: 08.28.16

Location: Bluffton, SC

Description: Beach Baptisms

Mission: Spread the Word of God

Title: Christmas Lights at the Brendlen's

Producer: Taylor Horton

Industry: Christmas Lights Display

Business Name: Brendlen's Annual Christmas Display

Date: 11.29.16

Location: Ridgeland, SC

Description: Christmas Lights Display

Mission: Raise Money for Children's Cancer

Title: Salt Creek Films: Lowcountry Passions

Producer: Taylor Horton

Industry: Charter Fishing

Business Name: Salt Creek Outfitters

Date: 10.05.16

Location: Beaufort, SC

Description: Offshore Fishing

Mission: Brand Awareness

Title: Salt Creek Films: Creation

Producer: Taylor Horton

Industry: Fishing Charters

Business Name: Salt Creek Outfitters

Date: 08.03.17

Location: Beaufort, SC

Description: Fly Fishing

Mission: Brand Awareness


Traveling fees may apply depending on your location where your services are needed.


If there are any questions are concerns you may have, please reach out to us. As an independent business service, we understand exactly how important it is to brand yourself. Let us help you grow your business to the next level.